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BCom Business ​Management

With the Elective Modules

Creativity ​in Management

Develop the creativity required to be successful as a Managerial Leader and embed all the essential business competencies in your career.

This BCom that focusses on creativity as an essential business management skill is specifically designed with constructs such as creative leadership in mind, aimed at developing managers who will fully appreciate the importance of finding solutions to complex challenges and problems, and to improve related decision-making. Students will discover the key elements of:

Creativity in Business Management

  • Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR) Readiness
  • Technology & Innovation Management
  • Organisational Design
  • Holistic Thinking 

Creativity Explained

Creativity in Action

Thinking in Action

Applied Creativity

Thinking about Thinking

Discover the Role of Creativity

Become a front-runner! Start developing yourself today as a master of this art by becoming a scholar and practitioner of creativity. 
This qualification will open up a range of possibilities for you.

Target Audience

The BCom Business Management with electives in Creativity Management is aimed at developing managers and leaders who fully appreciate the relevance of the Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR) and the importance of socio-economic matters in the transformation of the workplace that represents current realities, and who has become empowered to appropriately respond to this need. Students will focus on the key elements of business management, leadership, organisational behaviour, holistic thinking, technology and innovation management.

This degree is ideal for

  • School-leavers with a futuristic view and a desire to enter the job market with a relevant and dynamic competency to solve puzzling difficulties
  • Professionals seeking to enhance their competencies in response to challenging workplace problems and finding creative solutions
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking competencies to bolster their solution finding expertise
  • Adults looking at establishing a secondary income stream as creativity masterminds and coaches

Benefits enrolling for this programme

  • The module and course content promote awareness of the benefits of being entrepreneurial
  • Modules and courses are designed around the role of business management & leadership
  • Learning interventions are aligned to emerging market realities and related strategies
  • A variety of assessment techniques & tools are applied
  • Workshops are lectured by industry experts 
  • Programme scheduling is flexible

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • National Senior Certificate NSC/SC (a) A minimum of 30% for English or a minimum of 33.3% in English for the Senior Certificate (SC) coupled with:
    • If the candidate offered 6 NSC/SC (a) 20 credit subjects, an achievement rating of 4 (50%) or better in 4 NSC/SC(a) subjects, or
    • If the candidate offered a mix of SC, NSC and SC (a) 20-credit subjects and passes an achievement rating of 4 (50%) or better in at least four subjects, which must be Higher Grade SC and/or NSC and/or SC (a) subjects, or
    • NC(V) Level 4 – In addition a student must (a) achieve at least 60 % in three fundamental subjects, including English, (b) achieve at least 70% in four vocational subjects, chosen from the NC (V) Level 4 subjects, or
  • Alternatively a Higher Certificate, an Advanced Certificate or Diploma in a cognate field.

Additional Institutional Entry Requirements

All applicants to the BCom programme must comply with the following minimum requirements: 
  • English First language: 50% 
  • English Second Language: 60% 
  • Mathematics: 50%
  • Maths Literacy: 70%

Compulsory Modules

Year 1: Compulsory Modules
 Introduction to Business Management 20
 Economics 20
 Principles of Accounting 20
Academic Literacy 10
 Introduction to Commercial Law 10
 Introduction to Project Management 10
 Math Literacy
Year 2: Compulsory Modules
Business Management 2 30
 Economics 2 15
 Financial Management 2 15
Project-based Research 10

Year 3: Compulsory Modules
 Business Management 3 30
 Economics 3 15
Financial Management 3 15
Project-based Research 2 20

Elective Modules: Creativity in Management

Creativity Explained 15
Thinking about Thinking 15

Thinking in Action 1 20
Creativity in Action 1 20
Creativity Assessment 10
Thinking in Action 2 15
Creativity in Action 2 15
Applied Creativity 10

Programme Duration

The programme runs over a three year period. The programme is scheduled to be completed in a minimum of three years. This degree is delivered through distance learning, which utilises a wide range of teaching and learning methodologies including digital support. It is delivered with innovative teaching methods.

Awarding Institution 

This degree is delivered by The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management (Pty) Ltd. 
The Institute is registered as a private higher education and distance learning provider under the Higher Education Act 1997. The institute offers higher education qualifications accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and recorded on the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

About The Da Vinci Institute

The Institute’s strategic intent is to strengthen the growth of agile, aligned and engaged leaders, who co-create innovative eco-systems and sustainable transformational societies. To align with this strategic intent, The Institute facilitates the holistic development of diverse leaders, incorporating excellence in the management of technology, innovation, people and systemic thinking in all of our offerings. 

Following a Mode 2 approach to education, The Institute is focused on the creation of knowledge that is trans-disciplinary in nature, socially relevant, actively promotes diversity and heterogeneity, and of which the intent is to apply situated learning, problem probing and decision making as critical constructs to solve work-based problems and contribute towards the professional development of the people involved.

The Institute derives its passion from preparing entrepreneurs, prospective managers and business leaders to take control of their working environments and lead their teams to facilitate socio-economic development, thereby influencing the co-creation of sustainable societies. By integrating a framework into our programmes called the TIPS™ Managerial Leadership Framework that contributes to the overarching field of Business Leadership, The Institute is able to promote the agility, alignment and engagement of people at work and truly facilitate a Mode 2 learning experience for students and sponsors alike, thus, meeting ever-changing organisational performance needs.

For more detailed information about the programme and the institutional prospectus, please reach out to us at orders@nomix.co.za.


Tuition Fees

The total cost of the qualification for students enrolling in their personal capacities is R 210,975.00.

The total cost of the qualification may be split over the duration of the programme, which is advisable.

The institution charges an Application Fee of R 500.00, in addition an Admission Fee will be payable upon enrolment. The milestones in the registration procedure are as follows:

  1. Submit your application
  2. Receive an acceptance letter or feedback on your Application
  3. On acceptance of the offer you make the payment according to the payment option agreed, including the Admission Fee of R 5,000.00 to initiate your enrolment
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

The total cost of the qualification may be split over the duration of the programme. Alternative payment options and arrangements are available. You  may select your preferred payment option during registration, keeping in mind that monthly instalment options include interest. Please contact us at orders@nomix.co.za for further details.

The module costs do not include prescribed books or any other learning fees. Books or any other learning fees are an additional cost that the students must factor into their calculations for their full costs of study (e.g. books, e-books, meals, accommodation & coaching etc.).

This qualification is available as a learnership or a bursary. Please contact orders@nomix.co.za for alternative pricing options.

Please refer to the Nomix™ Terms and Conditions to get more information on our pricing policy.

 World Application

We make learning happen by means of real-world application. This includes unique research opportunities based on the real-life challenge, experienced in the workplace. Students are encouraged to apply their learning in their respective industries.

 Remote Learning

Many of our students are working professionals in their respective industries, influenced by the continuous change continuum. We have customised all our programmes with flexibility, affording you the possibility to study from anywhere in the world.

 Return on Investment

Our assessments and projects are aimed at solving real-world problems and finding implementable solutions that enhances workplace efficiencies. Employees and learners acquire the knowledge and skills to make meaningful contributions in work contexts.

About the BCom in Business Management
The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Business Management is aimed at the development of managers who need to understand the importance of socio-economic transformation for South Africa. The BCom in Business Management is a foundational programme that will prepare future business leaders for the multi-faceted world of work as referred to above. This BCom in Business Management seeks to promote the development of knowledge, skills and capabilities required within varied management, administration and leadership contexts.

The programme focuses on the business leadership discipline posited against the overarching field of business management and administration. This takes cognisance of the complex inter-relationship of a number of elements that will contribute to, and enhance sustainability of business ventures, including the management of technology, the management of innovation and the management of people within a systems thinking framework. 

The qualification is thus structured in such a way that it introduces individuals to the core competencies needed to identify and leverage business opportunities including opportunities provided through social enterprises and establish practices that will enhance the viability of ventures. These competencies will include the latest in local and global trends in business management, administration and leadership within a business and or social enterprise environment. Persons who attain this qualification will be empowered to contribute to the personal, social and economic development of a community and or a country. 

The qualification is directed towards prospective individuals who intend to take up junior and middle management positions within both private and public business sector organisations and social enterprises.  The foundation of the curriculum is built on a combination of widely acknowledged Business Management disciplines such as general Business Management, Financial Accounting, Economics and Business Research with the option to develop a Business Leadership focus within a selected area of expertise, which is Creativity in Management in this instance.
About the Electives in Creativity in Management
Pursue any article regarding the most desired skills for the future and you will find that creativity consistently ranks within the top five skills.  Several authors may refer to aspects such as problem-solving or innovative thinking, however, these are a derivate from the much larger creativity umbrella.  Companies such as Toyota are preferring to employ people above machines in certain areas of their factories as humans can propose ideas for improvement that signifies the need for creative solutions to unique challenges.

One may contemplate and ask; “If the creative skill is so important, why was it not part of my upbringing?”  A possible answer to this question may be that in times where change is trending towards a greater need for such competencies in the workplace, education systems battle to keep up with adding such soft-skills to their curriculums.  Until now, creativity has been somewhat of a mysterious topic condemned to statements such as: “I simply wasn’t born creative”, or even more degrading, “I’m not artistic enough to be creative”.  These indifferent misconceptions are on the verge of being eliminated as more and more people come to realise that creativity is an entirely relevant topic and competence that can be acquired through learning and practising.

Become a front-runner!  Start developing yourself today as a master of this art by becoming a scholar and practitioner of creativity.    

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