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Your Unique Contribution

Enhance your personal and professional journey with the Your Unique Contribution Programme, cultivating essential life competencies to flourish in various aspects of your life and contribute meaningfully to your personal and professional spheres.

About the Qualification

Embark on a transformative journey with the Your Unique Contribution Programme, designed to unlock your full potential and shape your extraordinary path in life. This program delves into the essence of self-awareness, self-development, and personal empowerment, fostering a deep understanding of your unique qualities. 

Navigate challenges, embrace your authenticity, and harness your strengths to make a meaningful impact. Nomix™ provides comprehensive support and diverse tertiary education options to enhance your self-discovery and contribute uniquely to the world. Stay tuned for insights into the facets of your extraordinary potential, guiding you toward a thriving and impactful life.

After completion of this programme you will be able to:

The programme objectives of this unique contribution intervention are to:

  • Develop an ability to map Your Unique Contribution in support of business and team activities:
  • Understand the Your Unique Contribution and value add,
  • Understanding of key success and failure factors within your workplace,
  • Appreciate where your unique contribution can enhance the business's well-being and performance improvement. 

Create competence at assessing progress and understanding opportunities for improving your unique contribution:

·    Develop contingency plans based on gaps identified in your unique contribution,

·    Know the key skills and processes to manage your unique contribution,

·    Understand the concepts and processes of unique contribution post-mortem and closeout.

Unveil Your Unique Potential in the World of Self-Discovery

Embark on a transformative journey with the Your Unique Contribution programme. Exploring the depths of self-awareness and personal growth. This qualification is your key to unlocking a myriad of possibilities.

Target Audience

This qualification is ideal for those who pursue

Your unique contribution programme may be aimed at developing yourself or any other individual interested in changing themselves for the better.  It is important that the right mix of people are involved in your unique contribution programme, should you decide to enhance this initiative in a team context.

This qualification is ideal for those who pursue

·  Experts

·  Leaders

·  Coaches

·  Managers

·  Individuals

·  Facilitators

·  Supervisors

·  Team members

Benefits enrolling for this programme

  • The module and course content promote awareness of the benefits of being entrepreneurial
  • Modules and courses are designed around the role of business management & leadership
  • Learning interventions are aligned to emerging market realities and related strategies
  • A variety of assessment techniques & tools are applied
  • Workshops are lectured by industry experts 
  • Programme scheduling is flexible

Minimum Admission Requirements

Admission to the Your Unique Contribution Programme is open to individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and personal growth. There are no specific admission requirements, as we believe that the journey of self-discovery, self-development, and self-enhancement is a universal pursuit. We extend a warm invitation to all who are eager to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, unlocking their unique potential to make impactful contributions in both personal and professional realms. Embrace the opportunity to navigate your extraordinary path with us, as we provide a supportive and enriching environment for your transformative journey. Join us in this program, where self-awareness meets boundless possibilities, and every individual is empowered to shape their destiny.

For more detailed information about the programme and the institutional prospectus, please reach out to us at orders@nomix.co.za.

Upon completing the Your Unique Contribution Programme, each participant will be awarded a prestigious Certificate of Completion from Nomix™. This certificate is not merely a recognition of your accomplishment; it is a testament to your commitment to self-discovery and personal growth. The Nomix™ certificate stands as a symbol of your dedication to unlocking your unique potential and making a significant contribution to the world. More than just a piece of paper, it represents a transformative journey that sets you apart in your pursuit of excellence. It's not just a certificate; it's your badge of distinction in the realm of self-awareness and personal development.


1.  My Unique Context

2.  My Living

3.  My Identity

4.  My Destiny

5.  My Unique Contribution

6.  My Unique Contribution is My gravitas

7.  Knowing Myself

Develop advertising activity specifications
 Investigate and explain marketing communications concepts 8
 Present advertising ideas 7
 Recommend resources for advertising assignments 15
 Select information for advertising assignments 10
 Supervise a project team of a technical project to deliver project objectives 14
 Access, process, adapt and use data from a wide range of texts 5
 Sustain oral interaction across a wide range of contexts and critically evaluate spoken texts 5
 Write and present for a wide range of purposes, audiences and contexts 5
 Contract suppliers for advertising assignments 15
 Establish customer needs and relationships 16
 Apply basic business accounting practices 9

Programme Duration

Embark on a two-week transformative journey with the Your Unique Contribution Programme, unlocking profound insights for lifelong self-awareness and personal growth, culminating in a special Nomix™ certificate of completion.


Awarding Institution 

This qualification is delivered by EduNomix (Pty) Ltd.

Media Academy is a Media Information & Communications Technologies (MICT) accredited training provider, MICT Reg. No 13800.

About Media Academy

Our academy provides an opportunity for the creatives and budding media entrepreneurs of this world to gain a recognised qualification in media broadcasting and advertising, while benefitting from hands-on work experience in a live broadcast and media company.  Backed by SPACE TM – a well-known and reputable strategic media agency – our academy certainly has street cred, making it the perfect playground for a new generation of media legends.  Our goal is to ensure that you walk away with both an NQF5 qualification and a foot in the door of the media industry. There’s only so much a textbook can teach you, which is why we put theory into practice in a real environment. It’s here where you can live out your innovative ideas and learn from encouraging mentors.  Our awe-inspiring media academy is ideally located in the trendy neighbourhood of Melville, the birthplace of South Africa’s broadcasting industry and home of creative visionaries.  Live out your creativity in our surrounds and leave the academy with a certificate and experience.  We nurture the creators, rule-breakers, hard-workers and budding media legends!   

For more detailed information about the programme and the institutional prospectus, please reach out to us at orders@nomix.co.za.


Tuition Fees

The total cost of the qualification is R 43,290.00

The institution does not charge for an Application Fee of R 500.00, in addition an Admission Fee will be payable upon enrolment.  The milestones in the registration procedure are as follows:
  1. Submit your application
  2. Receive an acceptance letter or feedback on your Application
  3. On acceptance of the offer you make the payment according to the payment option agreed, including the Admission Fee of R 5,000.00 to initiate your enrolment
Year 1

The total cost of the qualification may be split over the duration of the programme.  Alternative payment options and arrangements are available.  You  may select your preferred payment option during registration, keeping in mind that monthly instalment options include interest.  Please contact us at orders@nomix.co.za for further details.

The module costs do not include prescribed books or any other learning fees. Books or any other learning fees are an additional cost that the students must factor into their calculations for their full costs of study (e.g. books, e-books, meals, accommodation & coaching etc.)

This qualification is available as a learnership or a bursary. Please contact orders@nomix.co.za for alternative pricing options. 

Please refer to the Nomix™ Terms and Conditions to get more information on our pricing policy.

 World Application

We make learning happen by means of real-world application. This includes unique research opportunities based on the real-life challenge, experienced in the workplace. Students are encouraged to apply their learning in their respective industries.

 Remote Learning

Many of our students are working professionals in their respective industries, influenced by the continuous change continuum. We have customised all our programmes with flexibility, affording you the possibility to study from anywhere in the world.

 Return on Investment

Our assessments and projects are aimed at solving real-world problems and finding implementable solutions that enhances workplace efficiencies. Employees and learners acquire the knowledge and skills to make meaningful contributions in work contexts.

About the Naional Certificate
The National Certificate is specifically designed with the focus on enabling and cultivating students to master a specific range of competencies in preparation for the workplace.  Members of an organisation, whose career paths have not necessarily included the acquiring of formal qualifications, may now realise their full potential by developing them to value their roles in both social and organisational contexts and preparing them to perform their jobs efficiently within a modern workplace. 

The qualification not only equips students with the know-how needed to recognise particular value-sets, institutionalise an appreciation of meaning, cultivate intuitive emotions & assimilate a universal presence, but it also provides them with personal development opportunities while they meet their job requirements.  Furthermore, the learning journey is aimed at acquiring robust business management and life competencies such ethics, intelligence, collaboration and knowledge to operate in a cooperative environment.  The curriculum is coupled with the choice of elective modules in the curriculum that enhance the student's conceptualisation and competencies in specific areas, such as people, systems integration, the use of technology and creativity in management from the person’s individual performance within an organisation.
About the Advertising Field of Study
Advertising hungry legends can get a recognised National Certificate in Advertising (NQF Level 5) while actively working on campaigns for brands. Our academy is where theory and practice integrate, ensuring you are fully equipped to walk straight into the working world. We provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study and apply knowledge in an actual studio environment, giving you a head start in the media world.

Your mornings are spent in lectures learning the principles of advertising. Afternoons are reserved for time in a working studio, where you will join some of the brightest minds in their real-life playground, a place where creativity runs wild. You will work on actual client campaigns and deal with scenarios not covered in textbooks.

At the end of the course, you will have the skills necessary to break down a brief, understand the agency process, and create results-driven campaigns using scripts, stills and video.

The advertising world is competitive. To succeed, you need to adhere to deadlines, pay close attention to detail and have a strong work ethic. Our advertising course teaches you how to navigate these areas successfully. Once qualified, you will walk away with a NQF Level 5 certificate in Advertising. You will demonstrate competency in various specialities within this field, and have the ability to compete internationally. These specialities can include anything from media buying and TV/radio, copywriting, art direction, client service to print production. You will have gained valuable experience while working in-house in our live studio.

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