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National Certificate


Organisation Transformation & Change Management

Develop the skills required to be successful as an Entrepreneur by entrenching all the essential business competencies to pursue a lucrative career in commencing or maintaining your own business in all kinds of industries.

About the Qualification

A large number of the competencies developed in the Qualification are rooted in actual workplace practice and should lead to greater productivity resulting from improved performance by the learner, due to the integration of the knowledge with workplace practice.

The primary purpose of the Qualification is to equip learners to understand and apply the underlying principles of the systems and practices in the Organisation Transformation and Change Management (OT&CM) field and the associated Human Resources Development (HRD) legislation.

The programme helps learners to discover essential related elements as follows:

  • Induct learners into the processes required in Organisational Transformation.
  • Inform learners of the plans for Organisational Transformation.
  • Provide career paths through associated learnerships at various levels & areas of the Organisational Transformation and Change Management arena.
  • Provide for mobility of learning into associated areas such as Human Resource Practice, Consulting etc.
  • Equip learners to become effective employees, employers & or self-employed members of society.
  • Develop a richer learning environment in the field of OT&CM through high quality lifelong learning.
  • Enable the learner to assist within his or her community and thereby ensure social & economic transformation.
  • Ensure the development of competence in the OT&CM field.
In addition, this Certificate is the first step in a learning pathway in OT&CM.  This learning supports the objectives of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) through increased portability and articulation of learning and career path progression. By concentrating on the link between theory and practice, the quality of education and training as well as the personal development of the learner will be elevated.  At a time when South African society is implementing the tenets and principles underpinning a democratic order, it is imperative that people be oriented to see the value of the diversity that it enjoys as a nation. It is important that issues around Employment Equity be seen as moving society forward, and not as a hindrance to progress. This Qualification will enable learners to place the imperatives of our society in a broad systems context.
After completion of this programme you would have acquired:
  • Conduct communication within a business environment.
  • Apply South Africa's transformative HRD legislation to Organisational Transformation.
  • Implement Change Management to take advantage of diversity in the workplace.
  • Apply complexity theory in conducting organisational transformation.
  • Underpin Organisational Transformation in a company through the use of a value system.
  • Use employment equity to the benefit of certain social issues in an organisation.

    Discover the Role Organisation Transformation & Change Management

    The ingredients for wellbeing of social and economic environments. Become a prime candidate! Start developing yourself today as a master of this art by becoming a scholar and practitioner of organisation transformation and change management. 
    This qualification will open up a wide range of possibilities for you.

    Target Audience

    The National Certificate in Organisation Transformation and Change Management (SAQA 49075) is aimed at developing  managers and leaders who fully appreciate the relevance of the Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR) and the importance of socio-economic matters in the transformation of the workplace that represents current realities, and who wants become empowered to appropriately respond to this need.  Students will focus on the key elements of organisation transformation and change management such as the Black Management Forum (BMF), Employment Equity (EE) and the Organisational Transformation (OT) agenda in companies throughout South Africa.

    This qualification is ideal for those who are interested in

    Recognising that the overlapping South African landscapes of learning and work deal pointedly with the legacy of the past and the introduction of new, democratic structures, HRD legislation, systems and practices in the OT&CM field. This qualification deals explicitly with those elements, i.e. employment equity, diversity in the workplace, Skills Development Plans & Facilitators, HIV&Aids in the workplace, Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes and so forth.  This qualification has been benchmarked against international practice in Change Management, Organisational Change, Business Process Re-engineering and Organisational Transformation.  Therefore, this qualification is unique in that it has a compulsory fundamental element, and secondly that it addresses and incorporates the South African HRD Legislative environment, which international qualifications do not.

    Benefits enrolling for this programme

    • The module and course content promote awareness of the benefits of OT&CM
    • Modules and courses are designed around the role of business management & leadership
    • Learning interventions are aligned to emerging market realities and related strategies
    • A variety of assessment techniques & tools are applied
    • Workshops are lectured by industry experts 
    • Programme scheduling is flexible

    Minimum Admission Requirements

    • Communication at NQF level 4 or equivalent
    • Mathematical Literacy at NQF level 4 or equivalent
    • Computer Literacy at NQF Level 3

    Additional Requirements

    • Prospective learners are expected to write a short motivational application letter expressing the desire to enrol for this qualification
    • Provision of relevant documentation such as the level of academic studies and other courses completed, which will be used to moderate eligibility
    • Additional institutional support such as access to the internet and a computer may be identified and considered on a case-by-case basis
    • National Senior Certificate would be beneficial but is not a requirement
    International students with Senior School Certificate can apply.
    This Qualification can be achieved wholly, or in part, through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). 
    For more detailed information about the programme and the institutional prospectus, please reach out to us at orders@nomix.co.za.

    The Organisation Transformation and Change Management is a NQF level 5 qualification.


    Recognise the transformative elements of South Africa's HR Development legislation10
    Implement skills development in order to facilitate organisational transformation8
    Apply the principles of change management in the workplace10
    Manage diversity in the workplace 14
    Apply the basic principles of complexity theory to organisational transformation 12
    Establish how a value system underpins organisational transformation12
    Apply the principles of employment equity to organisational transformation10
     Apply workplace communication skills 10
     Conduct communication within a business environment 8
     Use communication techniques effectively 8
     Collect & use data: establish complex statistical/probability models; solve related problems 5
     Use the principles of EE relating CSR to organisational transformation 10
     Apply the principles of EE to dealing with terminal or chronic illnesses in the workplace 10

    Programme Duration

    The programme is typically completed in one year not exceeding a maximum of eighteen months. This qualification is delivered both through blended learning and distance learning, which utilises a wide range of teaching and learning methodologies including digital support. It is delivered with innovative teaching methods.

    Awarding Institution 

    This qualification is delivered by VNI Consultants CC (Services SETA 14580).
    VNI Consultants is an organisational development, change management and competency improvement consultancywhose specialisation includes project management, business analysis, diagnostic & research-based assignments, process engineering, systems & app development, training, coaching & behaviour change implementation.

    About VNI Consultants

    VNI’s strategic intent is to strengthen the progression of contextually, synthesised, and cooperative thinking in learners, who in turn co-create creative and sustainable transformational societies.  Based on its unique BluAgile™ methodology VNI aligns with this strategic intent that further extends to the development of managers and leaders who fully appreciate the relevance of the Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR) and the importance of socio-economic matters in the transformation of the workplace. 

    Learners are transformed into managers and leaders that shape current realities, and whom have become empowered to appropriately respond to this need.  Students focus on the key elements of business management, leadership, organisational behaviour, holistic thinking, and technology and innovation management.

    The VNI learners therefore acquire the competencies needed to be excellent contributors in their societies and places of work.   Learners are guided on how to lay the foundation, co-create connexions, facilitate energy and encourage learning.  Through the confluence of these competencies they discover the value of ethical practices, institutionalise an appreciation of meaning, cultivate intuitive emotions and assimilate a universal presence.  Following a Mode 2 approach to learning, learning is focused on the creation of knowledge that is transdisciplinary in nature, socially relevant, and that actively promotes diversity and heterogeneity.  The outcome of this learning is situational, stimulates problem probing, contributes to solution finding and increases the quality of decision making as critical constructs to solve work related challenges. 

    For more detailed information about the programme and the institutional prospectus, please reach out to us at orders@nomix.co.za.


    Tuition Fees

    The total cost of the qualification is R 35,550.00

    The institution charges an Application Fee of R 500.00, in addition an Admission Fee will be payable upon enrolment. The milestones in the registration procedure are as follows:

    1. Submit your application
    2. Receive an acceptance letter or feedback on your Application
    3. On acceptance of the offer you make the payment according to the payment option agreed, including the Admission Fee of R 1,500.00 to initiate your enrolment
    Year 1
    Year 2
    Year 3
    The total cost of the qualification may be split over the duration of the programme.  Alternative payment options and arrangements are available.  You  may select your preferred payment option during registration, keeping in mind that monthly instalment options include interest.  Please contact us at orders@nomix.co.za for further details.

    The module costs do not include prescribed books or any other learning fees. Books or any other learning fees are an additional cost that the students must factor into their calculations for their full costs of study (e.g. books, e-books, meals, accommodation & coaching etc.).

    This qualification is available as a learnership or a bursary. Please contact orders@nomix.co.za for alternative pricing options.

    Please refer to the Nomix™ Terms and Conditions to get more information on our pricing policy.
     World Application

    We make learning happen by means of real-world application. This includes unique research opportunities based on the real-life challenge, experienced in the workplace. Students are encouraged to apply their learning in their respective industries.

     Remote Learning

    Many of our students are working professionals in their respective industries, influenced by the continuous change continuum. We have customised all our programmes with flexibility, affording you the possibility to study from anywhere in the world.

     Return on Investment

    Our assessments and projects are aimed at solving real-world problems and finding implementable solutions that enhances workplace efficiencies. Employees and learners acquire the knowledge and skills to make meaningful contributions in work contexts.

    About the Naional Certificate
    The National Certificate is specifically designed with the focus on enabling and cultivating students to master a specific range of competencies in preparation for the workplace.  Members of an organisation, whose career paths have not necessarily included the acquiring of formal qualifications, may now realise their full potential by developing them to value their roles in both social and organisational contexts and preparing them to perform their jobs efficiently within a modern workplace. 

    The qualification not only equips students with the know-how needed to recognise particular value-sets, institutionalise an appreciation of meaning, cultivate intuitive emotions & assimilate a universal presence, but it also provides them with personal development opportunities while they meet their job requirements.  Furthermore, the learning journey is aimed at acquiring robust business management and life competencies such ethics, intelligence, collaboration and knowledge to operate in a cooperative environment.  The curriculum is coupled with the choice of elective modules in the curriculum that enhance the student's conceptualisation and competencies in specific areas, such as people, systems integration, the use of technology and creativity in management from the person’s individual performance within an organisation.
    About the Organisation Transformation and Change Management Field of Study
    This Qualification was developed as the result of overwhelming demand for Unit Standards and a Qualification in Organisational Transformation and Change Management, to assist organisations with this vital management process to speed up the transformation of South African business and to enable organisations to comply with the requirements of the Labour Equity Act. In addition, the Black Management Forum (BMF) has a great interest in ensuring that Employment Equity (EE) becomes part of the Organisational Transformation (OT) agenda in companies throughout South Africa. It was determined that the way to institutionalise these issues was to develop a learning pathway that incorporated Employment Equity and related issues within the Human Resources field.

    The emerging understanding in the last ten years of the manner of functioning of complex adaptive systems, as well as of systems theory itself, makes it imperative to review existing thinking on management theory and Organisational Development. This creates the opportunity to place Organisational Transformation within a very powerful paradigm that underscores the important role that diversity plays in establishing and maintaining vibrant organisations within what has come to be known as the knowledge economy of the 21st Century. Importantly it also places this and other proposed Qualifications at the cutting edge of recent international developments in the field.

    The Qualification, a National Certificate in Organisational Transformation and Change Management at NQF level 5, is part of a pathway that includes a Diploma at Level 5 and a post-graduate Qualification, thus encouraging the notion of lifelong learning. It will enable the issues of Employment Equity, diversity and Organisational Development to become areas of study at different levels within any organisation in South Africa. In so doing it seeks to entrench these important considerations within the organisational practice in the country. Properly presented and institutionalised, the Certificate can play an important role in ensuring that the principles of our democratic order become part of the prevailing practice in companies in South Africa.

    Additionally, however, it will also meet the needs and aspirations of the youth and unemployed in fields where this learning may be useful. This includes adult learners who want to deal with these issues or develop their careers in one or more of the related areas. This Qualification would also be relevant to many Human Resource practitioners. Since the Certificate is part of a learning pathway, it will allow mobility to persons operating in the field. The development of competence in this field will also lead to better service delivery, company longevity, the promotion of wealth and job creation.

    Potentially, therefore, large numbers of persons inside and outside of companies will participate in part or all of this Qualification. Organisations such as the Black Management Forum have indicated great interest in ensuring that their members acquire a Qualification of this nature. 

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